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Few Tested Ways to Find A Lost Dive Buddy

Two diving buddies checking out oxygen tanks

Have you ever dreamt of diving in the great big blue sea with no worries? Well, that can easily happen when you try scuba diving in Aqaba. Exploring hidden places and finding wonderful creatures underneath is an exciting adventure. However, this adventure can quickly become scary if you lose your dive buddy.

It can be terrifying and confusing if you and your diving partner get separated. A guiding principle of the buddy system is to be fully prepared for this possibility. If you comply with the buddy system, you’re likely to reduce the likelihood of any underwater incidents. No matter how well-trained you are and how many precautions you take, an event like this can occur to anybody. 

Factors That Can Cause You To Lose Your Diving Buddy  

The following reasons could cause the separation of diving partners:

Limited visibility
Issues with or faults with equipment
Powerful currents  

Lack of communication

Being separated from your friend can be stressful. Finding yourself alone underwater when you’re scuba diving and unable to communicate might be terrifying. However, by following a correct dive partner separation technique, you may reduce the risks of such an occurrence. It may make it easier to get back together with your diving partner.

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Things You Can Do If You Get Separated From Your Diving Partner  

As part of your backup preparation, talk about the following things with your partner: 

  • Be sure to discuss what you both will do if you lose sight of one another before going into the water. It is recommended not to spend more than a minute looking a lost dive buddy. Agree to end the dive and make your ascent making sure to do your 3 minute safety stop.  
  • Ensure to equip personal buoyancy compensators (BCDs) and those of your diving partner before the dive with the necessary safety equipment, like a DSMB (delayed surface marker buoy) and dive light. 
  • Before going into the water, ensure that you have discussed hand signals with your buddy, like those indicating danger or when it’s time to leave the water.  
  • When you descend into the water, stay near your scuba partner.  
  • If you lose sight of your dive partner while diving in Aqaba, pause and slowly rotate around in the water while checking up and down.  
  • If you can’t see them, try reaching out to them with the help of a shaker or by banging on your tank with a pointer or another metal object.  
  • If this isn’t an option, then try flashing your dive light. You can do that while rotating around to see them or when you want to signal your partner. It’s possible they went behind terrain or had obstacles in front of them, making it harder for them to see.  
  • If you have already checked your surroundings for a while, ascend safely and alert people on the boat.  
  • Once you have reached the top, try to look for air bubbles.  
  • Don’t look for your friend once you have reached the boat. Your safety matters more.

Protocol To Follow  

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