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deep blue


Red Coral Goby

deep blue

macro photos

The Gulf of Aqaba is filled with macro marine life such as shrimps, flatworms, crabs, and nudibranchs. Enjoy our photos and see what others rarely get to see.

Gulf of Aqaba Macrophotography

Underwater photography is a great hobby. There are amazing creatures to capture on film that many people will never see. Some divers particularly enjoy macro photography. These photographers enjoy shooting small subjects at close range. The smaller marine life often goes unnoticed by many divers who are on the hunt for the larger fish, turtles, and sharks. But the underwater macro subjects can be very colorful and exciting to see. Many times it is these photos that cause people to gasp with delight. Macro photographers are always on the hunt looking for small shrimps, crabs, and nudibranchs. Many of these photographers can spend a whole dive at just one or two reefs peeking around the corals.

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