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Deep Blue Dive Center is a Green Fins Members because we desire to protect and conserve coral reefs by following environmental guidelines that promote a sustainable diving and snorkelling industry.

What is Green Fins?

Green Fins

Help us Protect the Red Sea!

Please read the following Green Fins Infographics to make yourself aware of the best practices.

Become a Green Fins Member!

All divers, whether novice or experienced, can minimise their impact on the environment by following environmental best practice while diving. By taking the Green Fins Diver e-Course, you can play your part in protecting our ocean by becoming more environmentally aware and learning how to have zero impact dives.

The Green Fins Diver e-Course only costs $25 (which supports vital work protecting the marine environment), and will build on your existing scuba diving knowledge by providing you with the skills and confidence to conduct more environmentally friendly diving trips. Additionally, learn more about how to use your consumer power to demand more sustainable practices.

With millions of certified divers visiting coral reefs around the world, the more certified Green Fins divers there are, the better for the future of our precious coral reefs!

What's in the Green Fins Course?

Module 1

An introduction to coral reef biology, global and local threats to the marine environment and the Green Fins approach.

Module 2

Environmental tips above water, such as how to prepare, plan and conduct an environmentally friendly dive trip.

Module 3

What you can do below water and how to manage yourself and your divers.

The new Green Fins Diver e-Course is designed to help recreational divers protect coral reefs by learning how to conduct more environmentally friendly dives. This online course teaches scuba divers how to prevent diving-related damage to coral reefs by following the highest environmental standards, as set out by the Green Fins initiative. Join Deep Blue Dive Center in protecting the Red Sea!