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Guest Blogs and Articles

Enjoy reading our guest’s experiences with Deep Blue. Then come and experience what they enjoyed for yourself!

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The Wrecks of Jordan

Read about Anthony Leydet’s adventure with Deep Blue Dive Center in March 2022. Anthony is an underwater photographer and runs an active dive blog for French divers. His blog is in both French and English. 

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Guest Blogs about Deep Blue 11

This blog made the top 10 of 2021 in Dive Photo Guide. Our visitor, Brook Peterson, visited us  in September 2021 and shares her experiences  of diving the artificial reefs in Aqaba.  

Read about Will Hyde’s adventures in Aqaba with Deep Blue Dive Center.

Read about the fabulous wrecks in Jordanian’s Red Sea. Aqaba features luxurious resorts, beautiful beaches, a great night life and posh marinas. However, if you’re a scuba diver what excites you the most about Aqaba is the world class wreck diving just off the coast!

This article lists a few highlights of scuba diving in Aqaba, Jordan written by Wayne O. Overton, a guest author for Scuba Diver Life. He succinctly describes some of his favorite dive spots here.

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