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Diving in Aqaba and The Iconic Wrecks of Jordan

A tank dive site

Wreck Sites in Aqaba

Jordan is typically not the first place many people think about when considering the next stop for a scuba diving vacation. But, it might be time to reconsider. For lovers of wreck diving, Aqaba, Jordan, has a few prime dive spots that you’ll instantly fall in love with.    
This is all thanks to the royal family of Jordan and their long-standing interest in diving. The majority of the wrecks near Aqaba were deliberately sunk as artificial reefs. In 1985, the late King Abdullah personally gave the order to sink the Cedar Pride ship. It’s a beloved and popular destination for tourists who come to Aqaba to dive. Most of the wrecks in Aqaba are are highly accessible. Let’s check out a few of them!

Mast of Cedar Pride ship

Cedar Pride

This wreck is the most-visited spot in the area for wreck divers. It had its humble beginnings as a Spanish cargo ship. It went through many owners who renamed her multiple times until a Lebanese company named her San Bruno. This label is still readable when you go scuba diving in Aqaba. 

Due to an explosion that tore a hole in the ship, it was destroyed and remained partially submerged and partially afloat in the harbor. Then the King, who loved diving, became interested in the ship and decided to sink it and turn it into the well-known dive destination it is currently. It was cleared of oil and other substances that might harm marine life. It lies on its port side with plenty of coral growing on it. 

First Aircraft Wreck Site  

Scuba diving enthusiasts Aqaba saw their first underwater wrecked airplane, the Hercules C-130, on November 16, 2017. It was sunk in front of a large audience and international press. Hence, it became well-known. 

Lying at a depth of 13 meters, it is a well-liked wreck site for divers of all expert levels. If you want to scuba dive from the shore, it’s only 50 meters away. Although, you can get there by boat as well. It was positioned on a sandy area inside the reef to prevent any harm to the nearby coral reef. Although it is a smaller aircraft when compared to modern planes, that doesn’t make it any less of a marvelous site. Unfortunately, it was extensively damaged by a freak storm in March 2020.

World’s Only Underwater Military Museum

Aqaba’s newest dive site is becoming quite well known as it is filled with 19 pieces of old military equipment. There are helicopters, canons, tanks, an ambulance,British Ferrets, and jeeps. The helicopters and canons were placed at the deepest level at about 25 meters, so only advanced divers can see this portion. The other equipment lies about 5 – 15 meters in depth. The site is becoming well populated with a variety of marine life and corals, so divers and photographers really enjoy diving here.

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