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How To Take Pictures Underwater: A Beginner’s Guide

A person scuba diving near a coral reef

Sick of seeing images of the ocean that are just white spots floating in a bluish picture? Photographing underwater is very different than photographing on land. Numerous things exist underwater that can affect how the photo turns out.

When you go scuba diving in Aqaba, you will want to come back with beautiful pictures of all the enticing underwater ruins and exotic animals. For that to happen, you need to pay attention because you’re in a new environment. You must control your buoyancy and be aware of your position while you take a picture. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to take spectacular underwater images during your diving in Aqaba excursion to show to your friends and family. 

Minimize The Distance Between You and The Object

An important point that you need to focus on initially is to decrease the distance between your subject and the camera. Water absorbs light; therefore, the closer you are, the more light you will capture.

Your subject might appear dark and unclear if you take a photo from a great distance. This initial step is a simple approach but an important one to get you started. It’s easy to go a little closer, adding a lot to the overall picture.

Two people scuba diving in Aqaba near turtles

Photo Flash  

The distance is also crucial if you want to use the camera’s flash. Backscatter is bound to happen if the light from the built-in flash is used while the target is distant from the camera. This causes noise in the image.

If you’re farther than two feet away, avoid using flash. Instead, invest in a good strobe light. You can easily attach it to your camera. This changes the angle from which the light is coming and lessens the backscatter on the image. You can ensure that your scuba diving photos have a vibrant look. 

Adjust Your Shooting Angle

Finally, the filming angle must be proper. Try to angle the camera slightly upward while moving yourself lower to take the photo rather than shooting it from the front. This will add natural light that comes from the sun.  
Even though photographing fish can be challenging, it is worthwhile to give it a shot.

Do you want to practice your photography skills in the deep blue sea? Try scuba diving in Aqaba with Deep Blue Dive Center. From warm waters, exotic marine life, and mystifying wrecks, you can explore it all by diving in Aqaba. Book a tour now or get in touch with us for more information.