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Why You Should Get Into Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
Apart from being a relaxing and thrilling experience, scuba diving offers many health benefits. Regardless of if you’re a beginner or someone who has been diving deep sea for a long time, scuba diving provides numerous health benefits to everyone. Here is a list of 5 such extra-ordinary unusual benefits you never knew:

Lowers blood pressure

When you warm up and get used to the water, your fluctuating heart rate and blood pressure get normal. The slow and deep breathing techniques you learn during the dive course help reduce your blood pressure.

Helps you exercise

Dietitians recommend cutting 500 to 700 calories a day to lose 1 to 1.5 pounds weekly. However, this is achievable with one hour of looking around and enjoying marine life. Scuba diving helps train your core and glutes without even you noticing it. Carrying all the gears and tanks works like weight lifting. life beneath the sea

Boosts immune system

Dives usually take place in salty water. Salty water helps improve your immune system and is very good for your skin, increasing its elasticity. Seawater helps open your pores allowing absorption of sea minerals into the skin that assist in removing harmful toxins from the body. Simultaneously, sunlight increases the vitamin D levels needed for calcium absorption in the bones to make them healthier and stronger. Vitamin D also helps the cells transfer calcium to each other.

Improves muscular strength and flexibility

Your muscles work harder underwater to overcome the resistance by the water and currents. Diving frequently strengthens your muscles, making them flexible, and develops endurance. Scuba diving especially helps in toning muscle areas, building your core, and improving your posture.

Helps relieve stress

Deep and slow breathing calms and relaxes you while focusing on the life beneath the water that distracts you from worldly problems. This distraction gives your body the rest it needs and has proven to reduce stress and restore the nervous system balance. A free from tension and calm mind will promote a positive attitude and help fight depression. At Deep Blue Dive Center, we offer one of the best scuba diving packages in Aqaba for you to have an adventurous experience like never before. Other than scuba diving, we also offer snorkeling and boat trips in Aqaba. Reach out to us so that we can better guide you in this regard.