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Understanding the Importance of Keeping the Sea Clean


About 40% of the world’s living species population lives under the coast. From achromic to bright-colored creatures and from the brightest to the strangest and most dull species, the sea is home to various living creatures.
You don’t want to harm their environment; here is a list of five reasons why keeping the seas clean is essential.

Helps us breathe:

Phytoplankton in the sea is responsible for producing over 50% of the oxygen on Earth. They absorb fifty times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere, transferring about 10 gigatonnes of atmospheric carbon into the seas yearly. Hence, seas are a primary source of oxygen vital for human life; keeping them clean means sustainable oxygen supply for us.

Economic benefits:

Fisheries and aquaculture approximately employ 56 million people directly and help generate employment for 660 – 820 million people. The ocean is vital to world’s economy as 9 – 12% of the global population is dependent on the sea for their livelihoods. The U.S. ocean economy produces $282 billion in goods and services and ocean-dependent businesses. Keeping the seas dirty would mean posing a threat to aquatic life, which will affect the yearly earnings from this sector.

Regulates our climate:

Do you know that oceans absorb a quarter of all the carbon dioxide exhaled into the atmosphere by humans? They help keep the carbon cycle in balance by acting as a carbon sink. Seas absorb over 90% of the heat caused due to global warming. The heating and cooling effects of ocean currents make world temperatures endurable to support life. Dirty seas mean disruption in the environment; hence, a clean ocean is essential to your survival.

Source of food:

Water bodies host 80% of the planet’s biodiversity and are the largest ecosystem on Earth. The ocean provides more than fish as seafood, crustaceans and a range of algae and sea plants are also edible. Dumping waste in the sea would mean toxic pollution traveling up the food chain to us who consume them.

Understanding the Importance of Keeping the Sea Clean 1

A generous source of medicine

Ocean, with its remarkable biodiversity, is a rich source of medicines. Many marine invertebrates, with about 91% of species yet undiscovered, have been identified to produce substances having healing properties. They have proven to be valuable sources of medicinal products to treat cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and various heart diseases. Here is an article showing examples of medicines being used today that were sourced from the sea. Polluting the sea means these valuable sources of medicine will be contaminated and can no longer be helpful for nursing purposes.

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