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Why Scuba Diving at Aqaba is the Perfect Romantic Getaway

A couple scuba diving.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway that will sweep your partner off their feet and leave them breathless with wonder and excitement, then Aqaba might just be what you’ve been looking for!

Great Food

There are many things to do while visiting Aqaba, including shopping at local markets or eating out at restaurants near the beachfront area in the “Beled,” which is downtown Aqaba. Aqaba has been transformed into an entertainment hub with its distinctive character over the years since its creation due to its diverse cultural influences from various countries such as Egypt (Egyptian cuisine), Jordan (Levantine cuisine), Syria (Syrian cuisine), and Palestine (Palestinian).

Great Views

Whether planning a trip with your partner or family, scuba diving at Aqaba is a great way to spend your time. The water is clear, and there are many beautiful fishes to see. You can also see other amazing aquatic life. When visiting these areas during your diving trip, you’ll see rocky walls covered in sea life and corals that create colorful patterns on the rocks. Aqaba has excellent hotels, restaurants, and activities for couples. If you’re looking for an intimate place to spend some time with your significant other or spouse, this might be the place for you.

Learn Scuba Diving

If you have never gone scuba diving, Aqaba is a great place to start. There are world-class training centers that offer classes and guided tours, so you can learn how to dive in no time! You might want to start with a “try dive” or jump into the 3-day PADI Open Water Diver Course. If you’re already a certified diver, consider getting your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course here to do some deep dives and visit the world’s only Underwater Military Museum and the Tristar Plane dive site.

PADI open water diver.

Looking for Scuba Diving in Aqaba?

Want to rekindle the spark in your relationship? The Gulf of Aqaba is the perfect place for couples to engage in fun-filled activities, including scuba diving. At Deep Blue Dive Center, we help couples explore the beauty of Aqaba with snorkeling and boat trips in Aqaba. You can also enroll in PADI Beginner Courses and learn a new skill with your significant other. Take classes from our highly experienced instructors. Learn about our courses here.

Get in touch with us today for the best PADI courses in Aqaba!