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Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving in The Red Sea


Diving in Jordan is no less than choosing a treat from the box of Quality Street—everyone has their own favorite! Considered to be one of the seven wonders of the aquatic world, the Red Sea hosts numerous species of invertebrates, vibrant reefs, and over 200 species of hard and soft corals. It has a comfortable eco-system that helps over 1000 species thrive, a large chunk of which are endemic to the Red Sea’s majestic waters only.

Ask any diver; they’ll tell you about the unobstructed opportunities of spotting marine life, intricate coral gardens, depths of reefs, caves, labyrinths of plateaus, historic wrecks, and underwater museums that make Red Sea diving unbeatable.

While the Red Sea boasts a phenomenal diving experience throughout the year due to the welcoming crystal-clear waters, many dive sites are suitable for amateur divers, but some are only for experienced divers. Here’s how to swim safely on your snorkeling or scuba diving adventure.

Fun Facts

The Red Sea is surrounded by arid desert on three sides and is one of the only seas enclosed by land.

When the Arabian Peninsula split from Africa over 40 million years ago, it resulted in the formation of the Red Sea.

Aqaba enjoys the reputation of being the only city in Jordan that sits on the shores of the regal Red Sea, along with neighboring countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel.

As the Indian Ocean’s influx is low, the salt content found in the Red Sea is more than 40%, making it one of the saltiest water bodies in the world!

The Red Sea definitely flaunts incredible blue waters, but it’s been aptly named the ‘Red’ sea because of algae’s seasonal blooms that appear near the surface. Although they’re bluish-green in color but they turn the ocean’s color to a reddish-brown shade when they die, hence the name.

Water Conditions

The Red Sea is known for its calmness 365 days a year, but in case of recent heavy rainfall or high winds, choppy water can decrease visibility, creating an unsuitable condition for divers.
Remember to check the weather conditions and ask for back-up plans if the diving doesn’t go as planned!

Plan a Scuba Diving Adventure With Us

Deep Blue Dive Center has been arranging boat trips, Red Sea scuba diving, and snorkeling in Aqaba for more than a decade. Besides making underwater activities enjoyable, we also vow to make them safe by offering certified PADI beginner courses, PADI pro courses, and PADI advanced courses to enhance divers’ experience of exploring the historic dive sites in Aqaba.

Connect with our highly trained instructors to find out more about our tailored diving packages or schedule an all-inclusive booking.