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Reasons Why You Should Learn Scuba Diving with Professionals

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Open Up A Whole New World Of Excitement

The global health crisis has made humans rethink many aspects of life and realize the importance of being connected to our cores and surroundings. People worldwide are reclaiming their lives by opting for new hobbies, adventures, sports, and activities to face their fears, overcome challenges, or just add value to their lives.

Food For Thought: With about 71% of the earth being covered in water, travel enthusiasts wanting to explore the inviting hidden treasures worldwide are missing a whole new dimension of the planet!

Once you decide to dive into learning the basics of scuba diving, you’ll experience a feeling that’s exhilarating yet tranquil. We bet you’ll never forget the very first time that you breathe underwater amidst the fear, adrenaline, and awe of being surrounded by magnificent waters and incredible marine life.

Plunging into the crystal-clear waters of Aqaba will help you feel weightless as though you’re slowly immersing into a magical world, where there are no gravitational restrictions, there’s a sense of trance-like calmness, and the light, noise, and everything that surrounds you seems different; mysterious, yet vaguely familiar.

Learn Fascinating Facts About The Ocean

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Fun Fact
: Did you know there are more than 32000 species of fish, and scientists keep on discovering more than a thousand species each year! Imagine being able to witness the miracles of Mother Nature yourself after learning scuba diving with professionals!

Divers have to learn basic fundamentals of scuba in a drive theory course needed to get certified. PADI eLearning is a great way to ignite your passion as it can be started from the comfort and safety of your homes amid the pandemic. Once you complete it, you can then move on to the practical sessions with Deep Blue Dive Center before beginning to explore the intriguing waters of Aqaba.

For those who are not sure if diving is for them, PADI has created a program where you can begin your Open Water Scuba certification online for free. To access this material, just create an account on PADI. The free course is available in many languages

Help Conserve Wonders Of The Aquatic World

Men cleaning ocean with project aware cleanup dive
Research reveals that the litter in our seas causes 50 trillion microplastic particles! That’s about 500 times more than the stars in our galaxy! It significantly disrupts the ecosystem and is seriously life-threatening for marine wildlife.
Be a part of Project Aware to create a lasting change with dive cleanups to prevent coral bleaching, extinction and help mitigate plastic debris and pollutants’ effects.
Get To Know New People, New Passions, New Places

Learning scuba with professionals is a great way to make new friends who share the same passion for diving into the sea world. It explores new species in their habitat, exploring underwater museums, historic wrecks, vibrant reefs, countless species of hard and soft corals, intricate gardens, mysterious caves, and a lot more!

Undoubtedly diving is an amazing yet dangerous sport. Deep Blue Dive Center has been teaching scuba diving and helping passionate divers explore Aqaba’s divine dive sites for over a decade.

We offer PADI beginner through pro courses for people interested in experiencing the best scuba diving in Aqaba!

We also provide all-inclusive boat trips, snorkel trips, and Red Sea scuba diving in Aqaba. Book us now.

Contact us to learn scuba diving with highly-trained professional instructors at Deep Blue Dive Center, or find out more about our diving packages.

Book before October 1st and save 10% on all diving from January – March 2024!