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The Ultimate Women’s Dive Guide—Scuba Diving in Aqaba

A grey shark underwater

According to recent findings, 63% of active scuba divers are males; however, this figure is expected to change in upcoming years.

More and more women are venturing out into the deep waters. Given the right tools and guidance, scuba diving can be a safe and enjoyable experience. It allows you to explore the underwater world.

Located in Tala Bay Resort, our scuba diving center in Aqaba offers a unique underwater experience with our PADI advanced open water divers who are trained to fare the seas.

Take a look at our daily diving options.

You can also sign up for our PADI dive courses to be certified professionally. Alongside our beginner and advanced courses, we’re also offering an e-learning course for you to start at home and finish abroad!

Here’s a complete guide for women who wish to get started with scuba diving in Aqaba:

What to Pack?

The excitement of a scuba diving trip begins with the packing.

While you’re sure to find a store in Aqaba if you need something, it’s best to carry the essentials.

Carry all your hygiene and sanitary products. For times when you’re underwater, using menstrual cups is recommended to ensure a safe and hygienic trip. With their higher capacity and no-waste quality, menstrual cups also happen to be an eco-friendly option.

Moreover, leave your expensive jewelry or valuable belongings at home. You’d be a lot more comfortable without having to worry about them.

Pack any medicines that you may need during the trip.

A Trusted Dive Center

Safety is an important concern for any traveler. When choosing a diving destination, book a trusted and established diving center.

Always keep your friends and family informed regarding your whereabouts. While traveling with a buddy is ideal, traveling solo to Aqaba is also pretty safe if you’re proactive.

Our diving center in Aqaba is PADI-rated and has been around for over a decade. You can trust our services to be safe and professional so that you can enjoy a scuba diving adventure without worry!


Diving Professionally

If you’re interested in taking up scuba diving professionally, get PADI certified in Aqaba.

Start with a PADI beginner course and level up to the advanced and pro stages. With our Project AWARE, you’ll also be trained to preserve the aquatic environment while diving.

About Us

Deep Blue is a scuba-diving center located at Tala Bay Resort in the Jordanian port city of Aqaba.

Set up in 2008, we offer trips to the calm and friendly waters of the Red Sea and Beginner to Advanced Pro PADI Courses Aqaba.

Meet our team virtually and book your diving sessions now. Feel free to reach out to us at +962795400555.