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3 Reasons You Need Professional Training Before Diving Deep

A scuba diver pictured underwater
Once you begin to explore the underwater world, there’s no turning back! Most divers who dive for the first time return for another trip. However, the thrill to dive deeper often leads to underestimated potential dangers. The Dunning-Kruger effect is popular among divers wherein beginners seem to overestimate their abilities and indulge in risk-taking behavior. This may result in disregard of safety equipment. On its own, scuba diving is known to be a pretty safe sport. The mortality rate is 0.5 – 1.2 deaths per 100,000 people. However, when divers take unwarranted risks and don’t seek professional training, they lose out on certain self-management tools which could potentially cost them their life. If you’re looking to dive deeper, enroll in our PADI-certified courses which range from beginner to advanced and pro levels to train divers professionally. You can also get PADI certified via the e-learning option. At Deep Blue, we offer daily diving options in addition to our PADI dive courses so that you can explore the depths of the Red Sea in Aqaba. Here’s why you need professional training before diving deep:


You might want to dive deeper for the thrill or to further explore the underwater world. However, narcosis can quickly turn a wonderful trip into a miserable experience. It usually happens when divers go more than 30m deep. It can result from the anesthetic effect of certain gases at high pressure. This alteration results in symptoms of light-headedness, similar to that of being drunk. PADI-trained divers are taught about appropriate depths for safe diving sessions. If divers wish to go further, they educate you on the warning signs and coping skills. You’ll also be taught to carry the right gas mixture for deep diving trips.

Temperature Change

As you dive deeper, the temperature of the waters decreases. A lower temperature exerts pressure on the usual swimsuits made of neoprene. Drysuits are designed for cooler waters as they don’t let the water in and provide excellent insulation. Training professionally helps you determine the right equipment for the right dive so that you don’t experience any failures underwater leading to a mishap. Dive wetsuits aren’t cheap and hence, making the right choices with proper guidance is crucial.

Overcome Challenges Underwater

As much as you prepare for the journey, you can never know what the waters hold for you! The PADI Rescue Diver course teaches you coping skills when you’re diving deep. Whether it’s fixing gear issues, improving navigation skills, or learning to use your emergency kit, you need hands-on training so that problem-solving underwater becomes easier. A scuba diver pictured underwater Get professionally trained at our scuba-diving center Aqaba, Jordan, which offers 5-star diving facilities and courses. If traveling isn’t an option for you right now, you may opt for our e-learning model. Meet our team virtually and book your diving sessions now. Reach out to us at +962795400555 for further details.