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The Best Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

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Scuba diving can be an exciting underwater adventure. However, due to the many technicalities involved, those who are just learning to scuba dive should keep in mind the following for a smooth diving experience.

Take a Course

Taking a diving course can significantly enhance your scuba diving experience as it will inform you of what to expect on your real dive. Instructors can help you navigate challenging tasks such as maintaining your breathing, which is easier said than done.

Clearing Ears

Learning to clear your ears is very important for beginners as it affects the comfort of your diving experience. As you dive deeper into the water, the pressure on your ears and sinuses will increase. Clearing your ears or equalizing, as it’s called, will help relieve this pressure. You’ll learn the techniques and the timings for this as you gain more experience underwater.

Defogging Mask

Your mask is likely to get fogged if it hasn’t been treated with a defogging liquid. The different temperatures of your body and mask will cause it to fog. To prevent this, wash your mask with toothpaste or baby shampoo. If you are hot, you can also try cooling your face by putting it in the water several times to regulate your temperature. Doing this before putting on your mask can help prevent fogging as well.

Buoyancy Control

A perfect buoyancy level will make it easier for you to navigate while diving. Too much air in your oxygen tank will make you float, while too little can cause you to sink. Your diving instructor can guide you on the correct weight you should be carrying. You’ll be able to control it more as you take more dives but being prepared for the depth with the proper weight on you is a head start.

Scuba diving may seem difficult for beginners to do, but your experience will vastly improve as you gain more experience. The right instructor by your side can make a massive difference in your scuba diving experience. That’s why we at Deep Blue Dive Center offer PADI beginner courses and teach scuba diving in one of the best diving spots in the world: Aqaba. Plan your scuba diving trip with us by contacting us or call us on +962795400555 to learn more.