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4 Snorkeling Tips to Remember on Your Next Underwater Adventure

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Snorkeling is a great way to explore the sea for beginners. It doesn’t require heavy gear or a lot of training to start, and people of all ages can easily do it. Before you begin planning for your snorkeling trip, here are some tips you can use to have a better and more comfortable experience.

The Right Mask Size
The mask should fit your face suitably and also allow you to breathe. A big mask can become loose and a small one can be constraining. The mask’s strap should not be too tight and should enclose around the middle of your head. Strapping the mask too high or too low on your head can cause it to slip off and water to enter it.

Defogging Mask
Before you go snorkeling, make sure your mask is defogged. A clear mask will allow you to keep your visibility perfect at all times and make your snorkeling experience a good one. You can use defogging gels available at dive shops or even baby shampoo to defog the mask. Just apply a small amount of shampoo and rinse well in the water before putting it on.

Clearing Out Water
It’s perfectly normal for the mask to fill with some water. You shouldn’t be worried about that as long as you’re aware of how to clear it out. It’s a good idea to practice the technique in shallow waters before you set off for your adventure. First, blow outward on the snorkel to get rid of any water in it, and then and pull the mask away from your face enough to let the water drain out. Clear your face of any hair before putting your mask back on. This ensures a good seal.

Choosing Fins
Fins add to the snorkeling experience and are highly recommended if you want a smooth, authentic snorkeling experience. Fins can either be full-foot ones or adjustable ones. As a beginner, you’d be better off trying a full-foot fin which can be more comfortable for many snorkelers.

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