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What to Expect from A Scuba Diving Course

If you’re planning a trip to Aqaba to experience some exciting Red Sea scuba diving, you’re bound to have a good time. But if you’ve never dived before, and this is your first time enrolling in a training course, you might be a little bit nervous about what exactly will happen in the course and what you can do to prepare. While the most important thing is to bring your sense of adventure, you can familiarize yourself with the process of a scuba diving course through this guide we’ve put together for you. The Basics The typical scuba diving course consists of three sections. Complete them, and you receive your certificate: Knowledge Development Confined-water dives Open water dives Knowledge Development First things first: you need to know if you prefer learning online or in-person. This will also affect how you take your written exams. Choose in-person classes if: You like sticking to a schedule You understand things better when they’re taught in person You enjoy having camaraderie with classmates Note: You will still need to read the course material you receive from PADI and do the knowledge quizzes even though you opt for in-person classes. You can select the online learning option if Your lifestyle requires flexibility in learning You prefer working alone Through the course material provided to you, you’ll learn about dive theory, safe diving, and the components & usage of dive gear. There will be quizzes to test you on the material, followed by a final exam at the end. Confined-Water Dives… Read More »What to Expect from A Scuba Diving Course