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3 Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

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Experienced divers know that scuba diving is one of the most relaxing and adventurous activities. However, fun isn’t the only thing this activity has to offer. There are various health benefits of scuba diving too. Here are three of the most vital reasons why scuba diving can be good for you: 1. Low Blood Pressure In the initial few seconds of the dive, the surging adrenaline, excitement, and cold water may get your heart pumping, causing the blood pressure to rise. Once you’re settled in, the water that’s lower than the human body temperature allows you to warm up throughout the dive. This warm-up reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. Divers are taught a slow and deep breathing technique before they jump in. This steady breathing doesn’t just helps calm your nerves, but is great for lowering your blood pressure as well. The soothing effects of the dive aren’t just limited to the time you’re underwater, but can be felt after your dive too. That being said, people suffering from high blood pressure should seek medical advice before attempting this sport. 2. Safe, Efficient Breathing This is one of the most vital benefits of scuba diving. Each diver is taught how to breathe safely to fully enjoy their underwater experience. Similar to meditation and yoga, deep and controlled breathing during scuba diving helps you focus and calm your nervous system. Not only does this help you deal with any unforeseen troubles underwater, it optimizes the air consumption while increasing your lung capacity. This has… Read More »3 Health Benefits of Scuba Diving