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Should You Really Bring Your Cell Phone During a Scuba Diving Session?

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While your waterproof camera might allow you to capture marine life in its full glory, carrying the hefty camera gear along with your already bulky diving gear can be a real challenge. As a diving enthusiast, you might be tempted to bring your cell phone for some underwater photography, but is it really a good idea?

Well, it depends.

The waterproof casings could actually make or break your phone (quite literally). This is why we discuss the dos and don’ts of cell phone usage while you’re below the waves!

Ditch The Waterproof Pouches

The waterproof pouch might seem like a handy little pouch that protects your phone and keeps it dry.
However, before you jump to buy these cell phone pouches, hear us out. These pouches aren’t designed to withstand the high pressure of the water. For every 10 m, you descend into the blue waters, the pressure on your body and your accessories doubles.
This can put immense pressure on your otherwise fragile phone and actually crush it!

Opt For Waterproof Hard Casings

So if a waterproof pouch is not the right solution, then what is?
A waterproof diving cell phone casing is just what you need. Opt for a cell phone housing that is waterproof, keeps your phone dry, and allows you to operate your phone through a gel-like screen cover.
As for the increasing pressure, opt for a waterproof hard case that features a pressure balancing device inside its handle. This will allow you to take your phone deeper into the waters and capture the stunning marine life. They can be quite pricey but some allow you to dive up to 40 or 50 meters.

Don’t Go Too Deep

While a hard casing will allow you to combat the ocean’s pressure challenges, we would advise that you don’t go in too deep on the first go.

Test the waters (pun intended) by going for a snorkeling session and stay within 4 m of sea depth. Try to capture sea details in the bright sunlight in clear blue waters. Check your screen cover’s responsiveness and if the camera is working fine underwater. If you detect no humidity around your cell phone, the casing is perfect for your underwater photography adventures!

Begin Your Descent

Once you’re comfortable with the hard case’s ability to keep your phone dry and intact, it’s time to dig deeper.
Begin your descent in the water and test the screen covers responsiveness in 10-30 m of water depth. We recommend that you work with strobe lights, a red color filter, and a high shutter speed to get the most stunning pictures of marine life!

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