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Going Scuba Diving During the Pandemic—Here’s How To Make Your Diving Experience Safe

Scuba divers exploring an underwater wreck site

The Coronavirus Pandemic is not over yet, but you’re aching to go scuba diving in the warm waters of Aqaba?

Well, you can, and we’ve got just the right safety guidelines for you! We list some DAN and PADI-approved safety guidelines that could help you have a safe scuba diving experience even amidst the pandemic.

Keep on scrolling to learn how you can make scuba diving safe for yourself and your fellow divers during the pandemic.

Avoid Diving When You’re Sick

If you don’t feel well or have contracted some other transmissible disease, we recommend that call in sick for the dive session.
Being sick with the Covid-19 disease or any other contagious disease can put other divers at risk and threaten our instructing crew’s safety.
We recommend that you stay indoors and rest until you feel better, or the symptoms subside.

Sanitizer is Your Best Friend!

When you reach the dive center, you must sanitize your equipment before using it. Regular soap and water for your personal equipment should be enough. You might also disinfect with a 4:100 bleach solution occasionally. Keep a sanitizer on hand to sanitize your hands before you board the dive boat, cough, sneeze, or get out of the water.
This will ensure that you don’t contract the Covid-19 virus or put other’s health at risk.

Prevent Contamination

Since divers will use air tanks, masks, and snorkels, the equipment must be disinfected and sanitized before use. Moreover, divers can prevent contamination by avoiding touching other diver’s gear, your own tank valve opening, and testing the alternate air source by pressing the purge button rather than breathing directly from the second stage.

Wear Your Medical Mask

If you haven’t been vaccinated, always don a medical mask to protect yourself and others. You can always sport your scuba mask and maintain a safe distance from your fellow scuba divers.

Stick to Visual Buddy Checks

Before you dive headfirst into the water, ensure that everyone is updated with the visual buddy check signs. Always opt for verbal communications, avoid touching your dive buddies, and ensure that you use hand gestures to check on them from time to time.

Practice Safe Distancing At the Surface

It’s a fact that Covid-19 cannot spread while underwater but remember to practice safe distancing at the surface level of at least a meter before descending and after ascending. Ensure that your instructors and your diving buddies are at a safe distance any time you are on land and in the boat. And don’t forget to keep your eyes on your dive guide and buddy while underwater to avoid being separated.

Enjoy a Safe and Exciting Scuba Diving Experience with Deep Blue Dive Center

Need to train with a PADI-certified dive center in Aqaba? Deep Blue Dive Center is just what you’re looking for!
From practicing DAN and PADI safety guidelines to having Covid-19 requirements, Deep Blue Dive Center ensures that every diver gets to enjoy a safe and healthy diving experience.
Head to our website to learn more about our current requirements and book your snorkeling or scuba diving session today!