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Scuba Skills Every Diver Should Master


In the world of scuba diving, to become a certified diver, you need a lot of training. If you are interested in exploring the art and science of scuba diving, try to learn the following skills before venturing into deep waters.

Understand How to Enter the Water Properly

Knowing how to enter the water safely is one of the most important scuba skills every diver should learn. If diving from a boat, some divers choose to enter the water standing up, while others prefer sitting down. If diving from shore, be sure to look out for slippery algae-covered surfaces as well as large rocks. Falling with all your equipment on is not an enjoyable experience.

No matter how you enter the water, make sure you have your gear on and that it has been checked thoroughly before “buddy check” with your partner. You also need to know how to get back into the boat or onto land if things go south during your dive.

Wear Your Mask with Ease

When diving underwater, the mask can become foggy or even dislodge itself from its proper position. Knowing how to remove and replace your mask with ease is one of the most important scuba skills every diver should master, as it can save your life when you’re on your own in open waters.

Buoyancy Control

This is one of the first skills that divers learn, but it is one they need to continue to practice throughout their diving career. Good control allows divers to swim with ease, whether it’s hovering over a coral reef or exploring the area. It is also critical for safe driving and preventing damage to the environment.

Breathing from an Alternate Air Source

It’s important to learn buddy breathing which is sharing air with another diver by breathing from their alternate air source if they start to run out of air and are far from the boat or the shore.

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