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Here’s Why Aqaba is the Best Place for Scuba Diving


Aqaba is a lovely coastal town in the south of Jordan with a small population and rich cultural heritage. The city, known mostly for the beautiful diving and has rapidly garnered the attention of scuba lovers from all over the world in recent years. Aqaba is now home to at least 25 diving centers and many easily accessible diving spots to cater to the ever-increasing number of scuba diving enthusiasts.

In case you don’t know much about Aqaba’s diving scene, we have compiled a list of reasons why the town has made it to Belize, Tahiti, and the Maldives for its scuba diving experience lately. Here are just a few reasons why Aqaba should be your next dive destination.

Warm Waters

Apart from being a physically exhilarating sport, scuba diving is also deemed one of the most serene experiences for a tourist. Aqaba’s year-long warm waters are the perfect spot to enjoy the ocean while snorkeling in the city or deep diving in the Red Sea. Temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius depending on the season you dive. January is the coldest month and August is the warmest.

Moderate Temperatures

Aqaba is a moderately warm city with relatively hotter summers. However, the city has extremely pleasant, moderately warm temperatures that provide the best opportunity to enjoy open water dives March to November. The hottest weather is July – September, but the water is a great temperature for diving at that time as well.  For those who come from colder climates, Aqaba is a great place to dive in the colder months.

Mild Ocean Current

The Red Sea is one of the oceans with the mildest currents. This makes the Red Sea diving an ideal activity for those who want to enjoy scuba diving in less challenging circumstances. Moreover, the Aqaba waters have high visibility throughout the year, thus making it easier for divers to navigate. On great days it is not unusual to be able to see 30 meters or more. 

Easy Accessibility

Most diving spots in Aqaba have easy access from the shore, with a few diving centers providing boat rides to the diving spots. Therefore, scuba diving in Aqaba is convenient for tourists who do not like to waste time in long commutes to reach diving destinations. 

Amazing Marine Life

Aqaba’s sea is the home to over 400 coral species of both hard and soft nature. This makes diving in Aqaba a unique experience to witness nature’s beauty. Moreover, the marine life in Aqaba includes turtles, sharks, whale sharks, and various other rarely found aquatic animals. The best time to encounter the most number of marine species is September to October.

Here’s Why Aqaba is the Best Place for Scuba Diving 1

Underwater Sightseeing

Not limited to nature’s wonders, Aqaba’s deep seawater is also home to a few interesting sightseeing spots made by humans. One of the most popular diving spot in Aqaba is the Seven Sisters, which has an army tank lying on the ocean bed. Alongside, Cedar Pride Wreck, with a Lebanese freight submerged in the water, is another favorite of the divers. But Aqaba’s newest dive sites are garnering attention from around the world. These include the Lockheed Tristar L1011 passenger plane and the world’s only Underwater Military Museum. Aqaba is quickly becoming the top place to dive artificial reefs.

Get the Best of Aqaba Diving

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