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Reasons You Should Visit Jordan at Least Once in Your Life

visiting Petra in Jordan

Now that the pandemic is over, more and more people want to visit Jordan. Exploring Jordan is an excellent idea for anyone who likes a place with rich history, a diverse environment, and multiple opportunities for fun and exploration.

It’s safe to say that a visit to Jordan is something you’ll always remember because it’s one of the very few places where you’re least likely to get bored. Apart from being a stunning country to visit, Jordan has a lot to offer for anyone looking for a new and exciting travel experience.

If visiting Jordan isn’t yet on your bucket list, here are three reasons why it should be.

Historic Treasures

No holiday is complete without the exploration of your destination’s historic treasures. Visiting Jordan will always be worthwhile if you’re into learning about historical architecture as Jordan is home to some of the most fascinating sites, including the Ottoman Empire Castles and amphitheaters from the Roman Empire. And there’s the ancient biblical history of Mount Nemo and the Baptismal site of Jesus.

Furthermore, if you check out cities like Petra and Amman, you’re likely to find some incredibly mesmerizing museums and statues that you’ve never seen before. This is one of the many things that makes Jordan an excellent spot for family holidays. The Golden Triangle in the south of Jordan is home to Petra–the 7th New Wonder of the World. The ancient city hidden in the mountains is quite a sight to behold. Photographers from around the world come here to take photos of these ancient structures and amazing pink sandstone. And there’s Wadi Rum, a UNESCO World Heritage site full of amazing desert scenes and huge mountains. It’s a great place to do a Jeep tour and be amazed at the starlight nights. Be sure to enjoy the Bedouin hospitality in one of the many camps there. Enjoy Zarb, a Bedouin meal cooked under the sand in a barrel. It’s delicious!

Exceptional Hospitality and a Welcoming Environment

As a visitor to a country, you might not expect the nationals to be kind and warm towards you. However, this isn’t something to be concerned about when visiting Jordan. It has a wide range of luxurious to budget friendly hotels and restaurants that offer exceptional hospitality experience for visitors. You’ll find some of the most kind-hearted and polite people in this nation.

A Unique Red Sea Scuba Diving Experience

One thing that’s always worth visiting Jordan is the unique Red Sea scuba diving experience it offers in Aqaba. It’s the perfect spot for anyone looking for water adventures. You can even go for a dive course of your liking to explore the majestic marine life in the Red Sea.

Red Sea Scuba Diving

Feel free to connect with us at Deep Blue Dive Center when visiting Jordan. Let us take care of all your water adventures with our dive courses, PADI advanced courses, and boat trips in Aqaba. Contact us to learn more today!