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How to Make a Positive Impact with the Dive Against Debris Initiative

The PADI Dive Against Debris is a global call to action for divers and snorkelers to help protect the oceans. By joining together to remove debris from underwater locations, we can reduce the amount of plastic and trash that ENDANGERS marine ecosystems. This initiative focuses on engaging, informing, and inspiring people to become ambassadors of environmental change.

Learn About Dive Against Debris

The Dive Against Debris initiative encourages everyone to become part of the solution by participating in worldwide cleanups, surveys, and other activities. It’s important to get to know the initiative to understand why it is so crucial in protecting our oceans and marine life. Take the time to read up on the initiative, what it stands for and why it’s so important for us to take part in it. With this knowledge, you can help spread the message and reach more people who are willing to join in too!

Make a Difference

Ocean Debris estimated to reach the seafloor, one of the best and most effective means for collecting data on marine debris is through scuba divers. Divers are uniquely positioned to collect these data with their direct access to the ocean’s depths and knowledgeable approach. PADI AWARE provides comprehensive information about marine debris which, can be found on their website. The data you collect can help PADI Aware understand the problems in the area you dive and advocate for change.

How to Make a Positive Impact with the Dive Against Debris Initiative 1

Become a Dive Against Debris Diver!

Do you want to join the fight against marine debris? As a PADI Junior Open Water Diver, Freediver, Advanced Mermaid or higher, you can become a Dive Against Debris Diver by taking the PADI AWARE Dive Against Debris Specialty course. All scuba divers are welcome! By participating in this program and recording your data, your efforts will help support policies that improve solid waste management globally. In addition to helping identify sources of marine debris, you will learn techniques to properly remove and document debris while underwater. 

Take part of this program and be part of the movement towards reducing marine debris by 50% in 2030!

How to Make a Positive Impact with the Dive Against Debris Initiative 3

Get the App!

The PADI AWARE Foundation is leading the charge to rid our waterways of debris that can harm wildlife. They invite divers from around the world to join their movement and Dive Against Debris by downloading their free app, which is available in both Google Play and Apple App Store. By logging your dives and any debris you collected, you can take part in this powerful conservation effort and help make a difference.

Deep Blue Dive Center

We are actively involved in this program and have taken major steps to reduce our own use of single use plastics. Recently we adopted Yellowstone Reef in the PADI Adopt the Blue program. We make regular cleanups on this reef and document the debris we collected. We have stopped using single use cups of water on our boat and now have a water cooler. Our guests are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles and refill them on the boat or at our dive center. We are also digital members of Green Fins. Green Fins is educating and empowering people to reduce pressures on coral reefs by adopting sustainable tourism measures

Green Fins

We care about the environment, and we know you do too. Please consider joining PADI AWARE and Green Fins. Take small steps every day to rid your world of single-use plastics. Together we can make a difference!