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Deep Blue Dive Center’s Exciting Partnership with The Underwater Club!

Deep Blue Dive Center's Exciting Partnership with The Underwater Club! 1At Deep Blue Dive Center in Aqaba, Jordan, we’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance your diving experience. We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you. We’ve recently partnered with The Underwater Club, a renowned online platform dedicated to the world of underwater photography, to bring you an incredible opportunity to hone your underwater photography skills. Let’s dive into the details.

A WorldClass Instructor

Our partnership with The Underwater Club brings you an underwater photography course like no other. Nicolas Remy, an award-winning underwater photographer with a wealth of experience, has designed and developed this course. With Nicolas as your instructor, you can be confident that you’re learning from one of the best in the field. His expertise and insights will take your underwater photography skills to new heights. 

Here are the course highlights:

  • The most complete source of eLearning for Underwater Photography: 40 lessons, over 16 hours of video-based teaching.
  • Self-paced, Mobile friendly and bite-sized: each lesson is split into 3 to 6 smaller videos, most of which are 2 to 8 minutes long, all comfortable to take on your phone, whenever you have a bit of spare time.
  • Teaching style: going into details, illustrating with diagrams and photos what to do & what not to do.
  • Private forums where you can enjoy a complimentary photo critique service and engage with fellow Club Members.
  • Monthly webinars, normally retailing for AUD 59 (when open to public) are free-of-charge for Members.
  • Exclusive offers with our growing list of partners: Dive Centers and Photo equipment retailers.
  • Beginners & intermediate photographers love TUC for its rich course library and opportunities for feedback (forums, webinars).
  • Expert and Award-winning photographers love TUC for the advanced talks (webinars) and opportunities to grow/network with by helping each other out (critique forums) and will make the most of Club partner’s offers.
  • Try for free! New memberships start with a free, easy-to-cancel 7-days trial.
  • UPY Honorable Mention
    Creative photo of sea dragon

    A 10% Discount For You!

    To make this incredible opportunity even more enticing, we’re offering a 10% discount to all those who sign up for The Underwater Club online course. This discount is our way of encouraging you to embrace the beauty of underwater photography and elevate your diving experiences.

    A 7-Day Free Trial

    During this trial period, you can explore the course materials, get a feel for the content, and decide if it’s the right fit for you. It’s a risk-free opportunity to dip your toes into the world of underwater photography or simply enhance and improve your current skills.

    How to Get Started

    Getting started is easy. Here’s how you can enroll in The Underwater Club online course and claim your 10% discount:

    1. Visit our Deep Blue Dive Center website.
    2. Navigate to the Underwater Images tab.
    3. Click on The Underwater Club tab. On this page click the “Sign Up Now” button.
    4. During the enrollment process, use the promo code: deepbluedivecenter to apply your 10% discount.

    Seize the Opportunity

    This partnership with The Underwater Club is a fantastic chance to enhance your diving adventures and capture the enchanting underwater world like never before. Whether you’re a seasoned diver looking to refine your photography skills or a beginner taking your first steps into underwater photography, this course is tailored to your needs.

    Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from Nicolas Remy, a 40x award winning photographer and take advantage of a 10% discount. Dive into the underwater photography world with confidence and capture the beauty that lies beneath the waves.

    Join us in this exciting partnership and explore the wonders of the underwater world through your lens. Dive in, sign up for The Underwater Club online course, and embrace the captivating world of underwater photography. And be sure to dive with us and get practice with your wreck and reef photography. We cater to divers who love to shoot photos. Check out our scuba diving packages to enjoy several days of diving and photography!