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Why Should Scuba Divers and Snorkelers Be Concerned About Safeguarding Our Oceans?

turtle in sea

For the diving enthusiast, the ocean is like a second home, a place where you often go to nourish your soul and calm your mind. Even if you dive occasionally, you’ll have noticed how the condition of marine life has changed. Let’s have a look at why you should be more concerned about saving the oceans!

Do Something About the Deteriorating Marine Life

One-third of marine mammals are threatened due to pollution. Plastic pollution and climate change have endangered countless marine species.

For instance, regular divers might have realized the shark populations are decreasing. As pollution rises, more species are threatened by human activities in and around the ocean.

scuba divers after cleaning the Red Sea in Aqaba

Moral Obligation to Save the Sea

In a parallel world, sharks and turtles come to the land and litter around in your house. Absurd, no? The same way you wouldn’t litter in someone’s house, you shouldn’t throw trash into the sea. Respecting marine life is a basic rule that has to be followed when diving in Aqaba or any other ocean in the world.

As a diver, you should feel a moral obligation to yourself to keep the sea clean and encourage others to do the same. Join PADI Aware and become involved in regular dive cleanups.

Have Potential to Make a Difference

If you belong to the scuba divers and snorkelers community, then you have the potential to educate others about the conditions of the aquatic world.

You can take pictures underwater and use them as a powerful tool to emphasize the current state of the oceans. Your efforts can make a huge difference in fighting for the survival and protection of marine life.

Join Hands with Deep Blue Dive Center

If you’re looking to play a better role in preserving marine life, you can join our Project AWARE dive cleanups. We arrange regular cleanup drives to clean the ocean from aluminum cans, fishing lines, plastic bottles, etc.. We’re striving to save the reefs and marine life from the plastic debris in Aqaba.

As a trained scuba diver, you can join play your part in conserving nature.

Contact us today for further information. Do something that your future generations will thank you for!

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