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Want to Be a Scuba Diver? It’s Never Too Late to Get Certified!


Diving is a sport and like any sport one needs to be physically and mentally prepared. This advance preparation will help make diving a much more enjoyable and safe diving experience.

Are you thinking about learning to scuba dive but can’t seem to locate an age cap? There is a basic age requirement of 8 or 10 years old for junior programs, however, there is no maximum age limit for scuba diving. Minimum age limits are in place because diving carries some inherent risks, and youngsters must be of an age to understand how to use dive gear and optimize their respiration during a deep dive. However, can you really get a scuba diving certificate or become a professional scuba diver when you’re older?

Consider Your Health and Physical Fitness First

Anyone who wants to undertake scuba diving, regardless of age, must be in good health and be fit to dive. PADI uses a standard medical questionnaire and a doctor’s permission is only required if you answer yes to certain questions on the questionnaire. People over 45 years who smoke, have high cholesterol, hypertension, or any family history of heart disease will be required to have a physician’s approval. And anyone who has a history of Covid must also see a doctor to be approved for diving.

Professional Divers Have Moderate Exercise in Their Routine

Exercise that is both healthy and low-impact can be great for someone training for deep dives. Swimming is a terrific way to maintain your overall fitness if you don’t prefer going to the gym. A dive is a moderate workout as contrasted to walking or cycling.

Mental Fitness

Diving requires more than good physical fitness. It also requires us being in tune with the thoughts, fears, or stressors that we may be dealing with. Diving requires planning and good divers know how to deal with any emergency that may come up without panicking. Simple things like a flooded mask or trouble equalizing can start the downward spiral of fear and panic. We may also be overly influenced by others we are diving with and feel pushed into doing a dive we are not comfortable with. That is why it is a good idea to be mentally prepared for any dive.

Stay Passionate About Exploring The Sea

Once you learn to scuba dive, you’ll be entering a completely different situation. It isn’t only the breathtaking corals and diverse aquatic species that will take your mind off of things; it’s also the manner you could maneuver, feel, touch, and sometimes even converse in new ways.
Brace yourself for visual sights of color and life when you’re underwater. The thrill of seeing aquatic life is great motivation.

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