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Vibrant colored coral reefs in the ocean

3 Reasons You Need a Reef-Safe Sunscreen for Your Scuba Diving Adventure

Corals offer more than just good looks!They prevent storms, erosion, support marine ecosystems, and provide recreational activities to humans.Climate change, coral mining, and underwater heatwaves are damaging coral reefs. However, there’s one little thing that’s having the most damaging impact on corals’ health—sunscreens! Practicing safe boating, volunteering for reef clean-ups, and not disturbing reefs while diving can help save the vibrant reefs in or oceans. Moreover, reading sunscreen labels can help keep toxic ingredients out of our seas. A reef-safe sunscreen allows you to enjoy a sun-safe day by the ocean and helps keep the corals and marine life safe. While you’re protecting your skin, don’t forget to protect the environment! We have rounded up all the reasons you need to invest in a reef-safe sunscreen and ensure the health of corals and your skin. Reef and Ocean life-Safe Coral reefs are beautiful organisms that enhance the beauty of the seafloor. However, certain ingredients in chemical sunscreens can literally suck the life (and color) out of them!Harsh ingredients like Avobenzone, PABA, and Oxybenzone can cause the reefs to feel stressed and become bleached. Here’s how it works. Algae live within reefs and give it those vibrant colors. Moreover, algae also work hard to meet around 90% of the reefs’ nutritional needs. When these chemicals are washed into the sea, algae and other organisms become stressed and are forced to leave the reefs. With their food supply gone, these reefs become colorless and are on the brink of death. What’s the Solution for Optimum Reef Health?… Read More »3 Reasons You Need a Reef-Safe Sunscreen for Your Scuba Diving Adventure