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Reasons to Discover the Wonders of Aquatic World with Local Diving

Imagine being surrounded by magnificent deep blue tropical waters where marine life is encapsulated by one of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs. Reminds you of a scene from some movie you saw on television, right? Turn your dreams into reality and experience the tranquility of nature with scuba diving in Aqaba. Travel enthusiasts from all over the world visit Jordan’s mesmerizing city to experience the incredibly intriguing and calm waters of Aqaba. The city prides itself on hospitality, but amid the global health crisis, lockdowns have restricted tourists from invading their favorite summer getaway spot! This makes it a perfect opportunity for locals to experience the best scuba diving in Aqaba. Here’s why you should discover the wonders of the aquatic world with local diving, boat trips, and snorkeling in Aqaba! The Gulf of Aqaba Is an Ideal Environment for Beginners The incredibly intriguing small coastline hosts more than 23 dive sites, most of which are within the Aqaba Marine Park. With consistent great weather (never below 20°C even in winters!) for diving, you no longer have to get bored in your houses, waiting for the perfect time! Jordan is home to over 1000 marine life species, including stingrays, solitary sailfish, eagle rays, turtles, shrimps, frogfish, pipefish, nudibranchs, dolphins, and oh, occasionally, a couple of whale sharks in springtime! It’s known as a photographer’s paradise as it has perfect visibility all year round for colorful, shallow coral gardens, thriving reefs, shipwrecks, and canyons. World-Class Waters Close to Home Certified divers who have invaded the… Read More »Reasons to Discover the Wonders of Aquatic World with Local Diving