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Ways to Overcome Aquaphobia

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Those who fear going near large water bodies suffer severe anxiety when they’re at sea. Being in the presence of a water body as massive as the ocean is enough to knock the living daylights out of some people.  A phobia is an irrational fear of an object (in this case, water) that’s disproportionate to the threat it causes to your life and wellbeing. Some would argue that drowning is a life-threatening accident but looking at the sea won’t drown you.  This condition not only makes you miserable on beach trips but also deprives you of the life-changing adventure of scuba diving. Given that it’s a deep-sea sport, preparing yourself for that is a milestone. It requires rigorous practice, help, and reassurance from the experts supervising the sport.  Here are some tips that’ll help you overcome aquaphobia.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  There’s no shame in seeking professional help for your condition. Aquaphobia can be prompted in early childhood or adult life by a traumatic incident at a water site. You could’ve had an accident at the community pool or fell into the water while kayaking. Such experiences can spur fear of water that soon grows out of hand.   A cognitive-behavioral therapist can help teach the difference between fight or flight response. With their help, you can manage the distorted reactions or disruptive thoughts you experience when you see a triggering stimulus. They also work on your emotional stability when you’re near a water body and help you reflect on your emotional responses in a fear-inducing situation.… Read More »Ways to Overcome Aquaphobia