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See The World’s First Underwater Military Museum in Aqaba

tanks at uwmm

The world has seen its fair share of battles, and there are plenty of museums dedicated to these as well. But what about an underwater military museum?

Let’s look at the underwater military museum in Aqaba.

How Did It Come About?

It took about a month of scanning and planning and getting things ready, but the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) set up the underwater military museum by sinking 19 military items. The whole process was done to make sure that the surrounding marine environment wasn’t affected.

The formation of military items sunk includes tanks, ambulances, military cranes, troop carriers, guns, combat helicopters and anti-aircrafts.

They were settled at different depths, allowing divers to go down underwater and see these different displays. The helicopters and canons are at the deepest depth of about 27 meters. The 2 military jeeps are at the lowest depth of 5 meters.

How Do You Go Underwater?

Aqaba is known for being a coastal city, so plenty of people go there for the purpose of diving and snorkeling. These divers can simply go and see the items with a reputable dive center.

However, that’s not the only way to enjoy the museum! You can also take a tour in a glass bottom boat if you don’t know how to swim or dive. If you like, you can also learn to dive on the spot with some of the dive courses available in the city.

What’s Happening Next?

The museum doesn’t just stop at these 19 items. As new acquisitions are added, the museum will grow, and the attraction becomes more and more interesting.
A great deal of care is taken to make sure the environment remains protected. All hazardous materials were removed so that the environment remains safe, and the surrounding marine life does not have to deal with toxicity.

The museum also helps protect the coral reefs around by drawing visitors towards an alternative site and helps promote recovery of these reefs.

The underwater military museum in Aqaba is an exciting place to visit for people from around the world. Not only do you get to see exciting military items, but it also encourages people to learn how to dive.

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