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Scuba Diving During COVID-19: 4 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

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The coronavirus has quickly enveloped the world and altered everyone’s lifestyle. Masks and other personal protective equipment are almost as important as car keys and wallets when leaving the house. Many workplaces shut down, restaurants were emptied, and people were sheltering in place.
However, as countries are slowly getting a handle of the virus, places are reopening, work is beginning, and people are going out. In Aqaba, scuba diving seems poised to help restart the tourism industry. It’s popular among both locals and tourists.  With the virus slowing down, businesses are ready to cater to their customers. Nevertheless, you should still be careful while scuba diving since the threat of the virus isn’t gone. Here are some tips for scuba diving that can help keep you safe.

Social Distancing

The coronavirus spreads through aerosols and droplets. Aerosols are particles light enough to be carried by air and are produced by talking. Droplets are heavier, liquid particles that are produced by coughing and sneezing. While you’re underwater, you’re not going to be talking, so there’s no risk of transmitting the virus underwater. However, when you come up to the surface and take off your regulator, you’ll be subject to the risks you’d face on land. Consequently, whenever you’re not underwater, keep your distance.

Getting Ready

Since you’ll be kitting up on the surface, social distancing rules apply. Maintain a safe distance from other divers until you’re under the water. For instance, putting on all of your equipment by yourself enables social distancing and can help you limit others from touching your gear. You might find it easier to sit on a bench to kit up or gearing up in the water. Also, make sure your dive center is sanitizing all equipment in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines. If you are unsure how they sanitize their equipment, ask them before donning. A person using soap to wash their hands


As with social distancing rules, disinfecting norms are also in place above the water. Disinfection is all the more important if you interact with boat equipment or other people’s gear. Preferably, you should use soap since alcohol-based sanitizers pose a fire-risk if they come into contact with compressed gas, especially enriched oxygen.

Safe diving during Covid-19

To ensure that you have a safe dive trip during Covid-19, check the Divers Alert Network. DAN’s website has excellent resources for scuba divers to access regarding diving during the pandemic. They committed to supporting the diving community despite the decrease in scuba activities due to the coronavirus. DAN emergency phone support services are fully functional, and their hotline is open 24/7. While you are visiting their website, we recommend you consider purchasing dive accident insurance as your primary medical insurance may exclude scuba diving accidents. If you’re looking for scuba diving trips that prioritize your well-being and satisfaction above all, contact us at Deep Blue Dive Center. We offer a variety of scuba diving packages in Aqaba, Jordan, and online and live PADI dive courses for scuba diving. Get in touch, and we’ll make sure your scuba diving experience is safe and enjoyable.