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Scuba Diving 101: A Complete Guide

Scuba divers underwater

Scuba diving is underwater diving using special equipment where swimmers (divers) swim underwater for longer durations with the help of a continuous air supply. At its core, it’s a fascinating sport that allows you to explore life underwater. It is an extremely therapeutic and mind relaxing sport that allows you to disconnect from everything.

Scuba diving has ample advantages that attract divers worldwide. For instance, as you dive into the water, your muscles work extra hard, this leads to increased muscular strength and flexibility. Besides, it produces a sense of calm, as you breathe slowly and steadily, and your heart rate starts to become steady. Suffice to say, scuba diving is a wholesome sport.

Here’s a complete guide on scuba diving.

What is Scuba Diving?

In simple words, scuba diving involves underwater swimming with the help of self-contained water apparatuses, and the scuba set/diving gear, including, an air tank, wet suit, diving mask, fins, depth gauge, and dive computer.

Who Can Dive?

When it comes to being underwater, you must be healthy. The diver mustn’t have any pre-existing health condition. One should be well-trained to successfully deal with any emergency that may present itself underwater.

What To Look For While Choosing A Dive Location?

One of the fundamental elements to look out for is the water current. It’s incredibly challenging to dive if the current is strong, even for experienced divers. So, if you are new to scuba diving, you ought to opt for water bodies where the tide is weaker.

What Are The Safety Precautions You Need to Observe?

Most diving-related fatalities are caused due to four factors, namely, health conditions, equipment malfunction, low air supply, and procedural mistakes. These reasons, collectively account for most cases of scuba diving fatalities.

If you are passionate about trying scuba diving in Aqaba but haven’t been trained yet, then you can take the PADI Open Water Diver course, a scuba diving  course for beginners. At Deep Blue Dive Center, we offer advanced as well as PADI professional courses at reasonable rates with the best instructors.

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