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Red Sea Scuba Diving: More Than Just a Hobby

Several fish species going around underwater.

When scuba diving is discussed, the conversation often circles back to the Red Sea. Diving in the Red Sea is amazing, and many people travel across the world just to experience the marine life that lies beyond the surface.
The Red Sea is one of the seven wonders of the underwater world and is famous for hosting several species of marine life, including dolphins, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, and more. Along with these impressive species, the Red Sea is rich in healthy reefs, wrecks, and wall dives. Subsequently, a scuba diving experience can inspire and astonish a person to new extents.

Understanding the Red Sea Diving Season

Even though it’s famous for its ability to offer great and impressive marine life to scuba drivers, a diver needs to be particular about the diving season. Even though the Red Sea has a moderate temperature surrounding, the temperature of the water reaches 30 degrees during the June and August time period. However, in February, the temperature tends to drop all the way to 22 degrees.

For divers that are interested in exploring the marine and wildlife in the Red Sea, they best time to experience diving is from the end of May until the end of July when the sharks emerge. Summer months are ideal for witnessing the turtles and spotting countless hammerhead sharks. Sharks like this are found in waters of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Sudan.

Checking Weather Conditions Before Leaving

Before heading out for diving in the Red Sea, it’s important to consider the weather conditions in the area.. Diving can become twice as exciting and fulfilling if the weather conditions are in check.

The weather in the Red Sea region is usually calm throughout the year. However anunexpected surge of rainfall or sea storms can cause unrest in the sea. So, it’s important to check weather forecasts and patterns before you head out. A reputable dive center will not permit diving in unsafe conditions.

Some Guidelines for Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

Here are some things you should know about the Red Sea scuba diving experience.

1. Check that the dive center you will dive with is reputable and has good reviews. It’s best to diving with a PADI 5 star dive center.
2. If you are traveling alone, make sure the dive center will provide you with a dive buddy or divemaster.

3. If you bring your own equipment, make sure it has recently been maintained and is in good working order.

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