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Hidden Gems: Exploring Unique Dive Sites in Aqaba

a popular dive site in Aqaba, Kiwi Reef

When it comes to diving destinations, Aqaba, Jordan, might be one of the first places that comes to mind. This vibrant coastal city along the Red Sea is home to some of the world’s most unique and captivating dive sites. Whether you’re going for a boat diving trip, scuba diving, or snorkeling in Aqaba, there are plenty of unique dive sites to explore that will surely make you feel like you’re in paradise.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most loved dive sites in Aqaba so you can make the most of your trip!

Cedar Pride

Situated in a canyon between limestone rocks, the Cedar Pride is among the most stunning wrecks in the world. This cargo ship was deliberately sunk in the 1980s to create an artificial reef and is now teeming with marine life, offering an amazing diving experience. You can easily reach this dive site via boat or shore, which is perfect for both new and experienced divers.

The ship features various marine critters, such as pipefish, urchins, soft coral crabs, and shrimps, making it stand out against the blue water.

Kiwi Reef

Popular among underwater photographers, Kiwi Reef is a beautiful dive site featuring seagrass and coral heads. This site has a wide variety of marine life, from seahorses and eels to small fish and large pufferfish. Kiwi Reef is easily accessible from shore and starts at about 20 meters.
The beautiful marine life offers you many opportunities for stunning photography and videography, especially macro photography.

Eel Garden

As the name suggests, Eel Garden is one of the most popular dive sites with eel populations. When you dive around this site, you can even see various eels sticking their heads up out of the sand. Moreover, this site also has stunning black corals and pinnacles containing a large number of reef fish. You might also find some moray eels, ghost pipefish, lionfish, and harlequin shrimp.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden is another captivating reef dive site with its striking coral formations, abundant marine life, and excellent visibility. It’s named after its resemblance to a beautifully manicured Japanese garden, complete with intricate coral structures.

King Abdullah Reef

Named after King Abdullah II of Jordan, this site features a colorful and diverse array of corals and reef fish species. You can expect to see schools of barracuda, triggerfish, and even the occasional turtle. Since the waters are crystal clear with minimal current, you’ll get plenty of chances to do some underwater photography.

The Tank and Seven Sisters

Just 5 meters below sea level, the Tank is a popular dive site for divers and snorkelers of all levels. This old American tank is filled with juvenile fish and small corals. You might witness lionfish, trunkfish, scorpionfish, and this here. This is another popular site for underwater photographers. Nearby, you’ll find the Seven Sisters, a series of underwater pinnacles covered in soft corals and swarming with marine life. These dive sites in Aqaba offer a combination of history and natural beauty.

Hercules C-130

Diving enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to explore the Hercules C-130 wreck, an aircraft intentionally sunk for diving purposes. It’s an incredible dive for wreck enthusiasts, where you can swim through the cargo hold and cockpit while surrounded by curious fish.

King Abdullah Reef

Underwater Military Museum

Take your diving in Jordan to the next level by visiting this Underwater Military Museum in Aqaba. This site offers a collection of military vehicles and structures submerged underwater. These objects were purposely placed here to create an artificial reef and serve as a tribute to Jordan’s military history.

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