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Don’t Forget to Add These Adventures to Your 2022 Bucket List

scuba diver looking at a turtle

Is soul-searching or conquering-your-fears your motto for the year 2022?

2022 is undoubtedly the best opportunity for us to come up with the craziest bucket list before losing more of our best years to another pandemic. (Can’t even imagine thinking of it!)

The list of adventures can go on and on, but we’ve listed the best ones for you to try out this year. Get set, it’s time to enter the new year with new spirits.

Dance Under the Magical Alaska Lights

It’s the best way to experience a fairytale moment of your own. Set up a camp, light up a bonfire and spend your time stargazing.

Witnessing the serene colors of the northern lights will leave you in awe. We’re not sure what exactly magic looks like, but if there’s one thing we can relate it to, it’s this!

Be Impulsive; Catch a Flight

What’s the first thing you do while planning a trip? Yep, prepare. That’s right! However, do the opposite this time!

Wake up on one fine morning, pack a backpack, ride to the airport and catch the next flight available. It’d be a lot more adventurous to travel as a wanderer than having an itinerary planned out.

It’s an ideal way to fulfill the wanderlust! Sometimes not knowing your destination and feeling lost on the streets is the best way to explore the city and your inner self!

Conquer Your Fears; Climb a Mountain!

It can be the best way to feel that you’re on top of the world (quite literally, too)!
Passing through the mountains is not only adventurous, but it’s pretty calming too. You get to witness the beauty, connect with yourself, nature and God.

Challenge yourself to unleash your potential and stay determined until you reach the destination.
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Bungee Jumping, Of Course!

If you haven’t tried it yet, then don’t miss the chance this year. Take this opportunity to feel free, scream on top of your lungs to let all the frustration out! We bet there’s no way to feel the adrenaline rush better than freely hanging thousands of miles up in the sky!

Explore the Treasures of the Red Sea

Even if you’ve tried scuba diving earlier, exploring the Red Sea will be a great experience on its own. There are a total of 21 dive sites where you can capture breathtaking pictures underwater and witness various breathtaking sites like the Cedar Pride.

If you plan to go scuba diving first, you can count on Deep Blue Dive Center. We’d love to make your experience of diving in the Red Sea a memorable one.

You can also indulge in other fun activities like boat trips or snorkeling in Aqaba. We also offer certified PADI courses.

Don’t forget to book your dives. It’s time to tick scuba diving in Aqaba off your bucket list!