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All That You Need To Know About Women’s Dive Travel

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Did you just book a scuba diving session in the Red Sea? Here’s what women divers need to know before putting on that diving gear and exploring the sea life at Aqaba! We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks that’ll keep women divers safe during a scuba diving session. Let’s dive right in!

Learn to dive with a PADI-certified Diving instructor

If you’re new to the world of scuba diving, we recommend that you train with a PADI-certified instructor. Why PADI? Because PADI sets the gold standard for divers and instructors worldwide and ensures that divers get to experience the otherworldly charm of marine life safely and securely. This is why at The Deep Blue Dive Center, all of our training instructors are PADI-certified and equipped with proper diving apparatus. This helps us train and supervise new divers and make it a more pleasant experience for everyone!

Care for your Hair

We knew you’d be curious about your hair care during the diving session! If you don’t want to come out of the water with knotted hair, we suggest you tie it up or put them into boxer braids. This ensures your hair doesn’t get in your face and keeps you safe from the bubbles generated by the scuba regulator. Moreover, these hairstyles prevent your hair from twisting in the most stubborn knots!

Drench yourself in a reef-safe sunscreen

Did you know that your choice of sunscreen could determine the life of a coral reef? Most sunscreens use harmful chemicals such as Oxybenzone and Octocrylene that can bleach these corals and damage them.. Opt for a sunscreen that’s labeled reef-safe and is free from such chemicals. Moreover, ensure that your sunscreen is free from any nano-particles as they can be absorbed by the reefs and mess their reproductive and growth cycles. Such sunscreen is better for the reef and your skin! divers passing next to a coral reef on the ocean floor

Dive with a Diva cup!

Sometimes, Aunt Flo can show up unannounced. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss your diving session! If you’ve made it to the stunning coastline of Aqaba but can’t dive into the clear blue waters because of your menstrual flow, we recommend that you opt to use diva cups or menstrual cups. These little lifesavers can last you at least 12 hours and keep you feeling clean and fresh all the time!

Deep Blue Dive Center is the Right Choice For Diving Enthusiasts

Need to go diving with a full-service diving center? Deep Blue Dive Center is the perfect option for you! At Deep Blue Dive Center, our PADI-certified diving instructors ensure that you enjoy a safe and thrilling diving experience. Moreover, we take great care in training novice divers before exploring Aqaba’s stunning diving sites. Head to our website to book a scuba diving or snorkeling session with us today!