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A Scuba Diver’s Heaven: 5 Scuba Diving Destinations in the Middle East

diving in the middle east

Are you an avid scuba driver who’s looking for scenic diving locations near you?
All the stunning scuba locations are already flooded with divers from around the world. If you’re someone who’s looking to find a diving destination near you, this blog is just for you.

We give you the lowdown on some of the most stunning scuba diving destinations in the Middle East to satisfy the scuba lover in you. Dive right in!


With warm and calm waters all around the year, Oman is a paradise for most divers. Oman lies on the peninsula of the Arabian Sea and features a handful of diving destinations. With Daymaniyat Islands, Fahal Islands, the Caves, and Lima rock diving sites, Oman is a diving heaven!
Divers can marvel at soft and hard coral reefs, swim with rays and turtles, and even cross paths with some dolphins and whales!


While UAE is famous for its extravagant lifestyle and larger-than-life skyscrapers, diving enthusiasts know it for the Energy Determination Wreck. This deep-diving site sits 80m below the surface and is few meters away from Ras al Khaimah’s emirate state. The Liberian tanker wreck is now home to soft corals and lime-green whip corals.
If you’re into wreck diving, then this wreck dive site will be right up your alley!


Turkey’s cerulean blue waters are sure to satisfy the diver in you!
Kas is a seaside town that features over 30 diving sites. Divers can explore underwater canyons and indulge in a wreck or even cave diving. Divers can swim along with sea turtles, octopuses, seabreams and even visit underwater art exhibitions!


In Egypt, tourists can find ancient ruins underwater as well!
From Cleopatra’s Palace to the sunken Lighthouse, divers get a look back in time through these ruins in Alexandria. Or if you want to swim along with rays and white-tip reef sharks, then Omu Sukan should be on your bucket list. Egypt is lined with stunning diving destinations that offer beautiful underwater topography and views of sea life.


Jordan has a vast marine park in the southernmost city of Aqaba. With over 20+ diving sites, divers get to catch views of the soft and hard corals and myriad reef fish. Divers can also visit the world’s first-ever underwater military wreck museum.

Whether you want to marvel at the vibrant coral reefs or want to swing along with stingrays and turtles, Aqaba Marine Park has it all!

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