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7 Fun Facts About Scuba Diving

scuba diving

Scuba diving in the Red Sea sounds so fascinating that it makes all of us want to try it at least once in a lifetime. But do you have it on your bucket list yet?

Before you start preparing for your trip to Aqaba, learn some fun facts about scuba diving. Did you know scuba stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus? Exciting new info, right?

Let’s take a look at some other exciting facts; we bet you’d feel the impulse to jump right into the sea after reading these.

It’s Like Meditating, Just Underwater!

Diving into the sea helps your body get in control. Breathing deeply underwater can help you focus better and get rid of anxious thoughts. It also has healthy and positive effects on your mind.

You Intentionally Try to Drown!

It’s a common belief that it’s easier to drown while scuba diving, but surprisingly that’s not the case. The salty water of the sea has a heavier mass as compared to a human body that keeps it afloat.

Thus, the equipment and weight system are designed to help you descend in the water.

It Can be Really Noisy!

Sound waves reach your inner ears through the water directly during a dive, and they travel five times faster in water.

It can get quite intriguing to find out which direction the sounds are coming from. However, this can be difficult since everything may seem loud because of the difference in frequencies.

There’s No Left or Right Shoe

Imagine going for a scuba dive and spending a long time trying to figure out which fin goes on the right foot.

Knowing this might help you; unlike everyday footwear, fins for scuba diving don’t have a left or right pair. They aren’t customized; wear either of them on your feet and get all set to dive right in!

It’s A Better Way to Workout than Going to a Gym

Sounds astonishing, eh? You can burn 300-600 kilocalories per hour underwater. Isn’t it better to take a dive into the sea, explore the marine species rather than planning a boring diet routine or spending hours at the gym?

Oh, and diving in colder water will help you burn more calories.

Your Blood Gets Greener!

Your blood doesn’t turn green; it only appears that way due to the difference in color radiations. The water absorbs colors at a different rate, and the red color disappears quicker. Thus, making you look like an alien with green blood.

Here’s a Surprise; Watch Out for the Coconuts!

Yes, you read that right! We’ve always believed that sharks are the biggest threat to scuba divers, but actually, it’s the coconuts! They kill an average of 150 scuba divers per year. And sharks? Only 8 – 12 people a year die by sharks.

Surely sounds like a thrilling and fun experience, no? So don’t miss out on your chance to feel the adrenaline rush by diving in the Red Sea. We offer PADI courses and also have certified professionals to guide you. While you’re here for a dive in the Red Sea, don’t miss out on our snorkeling trips or boat diving trips in Aqaba either!

Reserve your spot now! The sea is calling and you must come!