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5 Tips to Be a Good Dive Buddy

Buddies diving in the Red Sea

Diving with a good dive buddy can be the difference between a mundane trip and the best scuba dive of your life. How can you be a good dive buddy? What are some of the most important things you can do to be a good buddy? Having a good dive buddy is essential for a safe dive.

To answer these questions, we went to some of our Red Sea diving professionals in Aqaba and asked them to spill their secrets. Here, we share the five most important tips they gave us. Let’s dive right into it!

1. Do a Safety Check

A good dive buddy does a safety check for their own and their buddies’ equipment before diving. Check if you’re wearing all equipment, including the dive mask, that the air tank is open, the buoyancy compensation device inflates and deflates, and you have your weight belt and fins. Also, check for any faults in the equipment before you dive.

2. Practice Your Underwater Hand Signals

You can’t communicate underwater verbally without radio equipment, so divers learn common hand signals to communicate with their buddies or divemaster. Know your underwater hand signals and practice with your buddy(s) before going on the dive. You don’t necessarily have to learn everything, but learning the most important hand signals is a must—such as problem sign or out of air sign.

3. Take an Underwater Camera With You

If you are a fairly good diver and not a novice, you might enjoy getting some photos of your dive tother. Consider investing in an underwater camera and be the lifesaver among your buddies. However, novice divers might be better off not taking a camera with them so they can focus on diving and not get distracted.

4. Don’t Harm the Marine Life

While Red Sea diving in Aqaba, many people forget that the marine life ecosystem is very fragile. Good divers never disturb marine life in any instance. Good buoyancy will protect you from accidentally hitting corals or marine life . A good buddy acts as a moral compass of the group and keeps everyone from harming the local marine life.

Person safely diving in the red sea

5. Learn to Dive Better

At the end of the day, the more skilled and experienced you are, the better you’ll be as a diving buddy. At Deep Blue Dive Center, we offer diving courses for every skill level. We have PADI Beginner Courses in Aqaba that cover the fundamentals of scuba diving, while our PADI Pro Courses in Aqaba lead you to become a divemaster or instructor.

Want to train your diving skills at the best dive center in Aqaba? Get in touch now!