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3 Ways You Can Be A Good Dive Buddy

A dive buddy can make a scuba diving excursion the best trip of your life or the absolute worst. Your dive buddy will greatly impact how much fun you have and how safe you feel underwater. You rely on this person to accompany you in the water and help you back out again.

 To have a good diving experience in Aqaba, you should also spruce up your skills. By learning how to be a good dive buddy, you can help someone out and ensure that they enjoy their dive. Let’s get to it!

 Never Forget To Do The Buddy Check  

Just because your equipment functioned well yesterday doesn’t mean it will work well today. If you remember doing a buddy check before entering the water, it showcases your level of expertise to the Divemaster.

 Want an easy way to remember this? Ingrain the acronym BWARF in your mind. Then you’ll always remember to Begin With Review And Friend.

B: BCD: Check the buoyancy control device (BCD) to make sure the snaps are buckled and that the hoses are working and that the tank is secure.

W: Weights–check they have their weight belt on or in place and that the buckle is secure.

R: Releases–check that all releases on BCD and tank are secure.

F: Final OK–check that your buddy has his mask and fins and that everything is OK.

Whether you’re doing at the Gulf of Aqaba or in the Red Sea, keeping a buddy check is going to make or break your scuba diving experience.

 Communicate Well 

You don’t have to swim on top of one another to accomplish this. Generally speaking, aim to space yourself not more than two seconds apart. By sticking together in such proximity, you can signal the Divemaster in case of an emergency. 

Don’t forget to routinely check on your friend to see if they’re “good”. Diving is more enjoyable with a companion, and you’ll be able to share some unforgettable experiences. Your Divemaster will notice your commitment to one another and safety if they observe you communicating.

It’s crucial to remember the proper way to describe your air capacity. It can differ if one diver is used to bar while another has psi. Be sure to prepare for emergencies like when you or your buddy runs out of air, needs to share your air, or wants to end the dive at any point. Safety first!

3 Ways You Can Be A Good Dive Buddy 1
A Well-Thought Out Dive Plan
Once you’ve created a dive plan, follow through! Nothing is more unsettling than seeing your buddy acting erratically or heading off in a separate direction in open water. Not only is it puzzling, but occasionally things can take a drastic turn.

Swim as far as your buddy can go, especially if they’re beginners. Stay away from deeper sections if your partner cannot swim to them. For safety reasons, you might occasionally need to alter your strategy while underwater, but always be clear when doing so and let your partner know so that everyone is on the same page. If you want to end the dive at any point because you feel unsafe with your buddy, you can end it early and swim back to your boat.

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