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3 Unusual Scuba Diving Myths

What’s keeping you from discovering the magical realm lying below the sea surface? Here’s making things a tad bit easier for you by decoding myths.
scuba diving

There are a ton of misconceptions floating around (pun intended) about scuba diving that makes people not want to dip their toes into the fine sport. Here’s uncovering unusual myths about diving once and for all.

Myth #1: Only Expert Swimmers Qualify as Divers

This is one of the most common myths that gets thrown around when considering scuba diving. Both PADI and NAUI require scuba divers to be able to swim 200 meters and and to tread water for 10 minutes to be certified as a scuba diver. The distance is not too long, and the divers are allowed to use any stroke they want while using mask, snorkel and fins. There is not time limit to complete the exercise.  But knowing how to swim well will improve your confidence in the water and make you a better diver.  In addition, you don’t have to dive extremely deep in order to see the wildlife as a majority of marine life can be located near the coastlines where the water is shallow.

Myth #2: It’s an Expensive Hobby

The cost to become an Open Water Certified diver is about the same as what you would spend learning other outdoor activities such as rock climbing, private skiing lessons, or fly-fishing. Sure it’s an equipment-intensive sport, but many divers rarely go beyond buying their masks, fins, and snorkel — this is because the items need to fit well to remain comfortable underwater. Almost all dive centers rent the scuba gear you would need, so it won’t be necessary for you to put out a lot of money to be a recreational diver. And on top of that, there are dive spots everywhere not far from where most people live. You don’t have to take an expensive vacation, find a quarry or lake nearby to dive in.

scuba divers swimming with the fishes

Stop picturing a blood-thirsty shark lurking beneath the surface of the open waters, waiting to munch on divers. According to statistics, it’s quite the opposite — humans kill over 100 million sharks around the globe each year! Compare this to the 10 humans killed each year by sharks. Besides, sharks encounters are extremely rare; unless you’ve opted for a shark dive, of course. Moreover, there are 400 species of sharks, a majority of which shy away from divers at first sight. You can swim right through them by keeping your hands to yourself and remaining neutrally buoyant. 

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