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3 Reasons to Scuba Dive in the Red Sea

Scuba Dive in the Red Sea

Scuba diving is a great way to explore the world beneath us. The ocean is home to over a million species, and having the privilege to see all that goes on underwater is an exhilarating experience.

If you’re looking to get the best scuba diving experience in the world, you can’t miss out on diving in the Red Sea!

Home to fascinating sights that have given it its famous name, the Red Sea is on the list for many scuba diving enthusiasts. Here are some of the top reasons the Red Sea is such a popular site!

Perfect Weather Conditions

Have you ever wanted to go for a quick swim but had to wait until the weather was perfect? Well, how about going to a place where the weather is always great? That’s what the Red Sea offers!

If you want the warmth of a jacuzzi with a touch of adventure, Aqaba is a great place to visit during the summers. The weather can reach as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit, which can make for a very cozy swim. Of course, you can always visit even during the winters when the weather may range from 70 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s never too cold to go for a quick (or extended) dive!

Additionally, visibility is also excellent due to the right weather conditions, with divers seeing clearly about 20 – 60 meters depending on the season and currents.

Historic Wrecks

If you’re a history buff and a swimming enthusiast, scuba diving in the Red Sea is like hitting a gold mine! Home to some of the most famous shipwrecks, you will find the first of it’s kind underwater military museum on the seabed of Aqaba! Constructed with 21 neatly aligned military relics, the museum is home to an anti-aircraft gun, a military ambulance, an army crane and a wide collection of tanks.

One of the most stunning wreck sites found in Jordan is the Cedar Pride. It was a former Lebanese freighter which sustained damage and sunk deep in the seabed during 1982. Since then, it has become a famous dive site. Known to be incredibly photogenic, scuba guides usually take interested divers to the shipwreck sites for exploration and pictures!

Diverse Marine Life

The Red Sea is home to over 300 species of coral and nearly 1,000 species of fish, out of which 10% aren’t found anywhere else in the world. Whether you want to see the big white shark or would like to explore the multicolored corals, the Red Sea hosts enough beauty to satisfy every divers’ interests.

With scientists worldwide worrying about the debilitating conditions of the world’s coral reefs, the corals in Aqaba have been found to be heat resistant and are offering hope for coral reefs in other parts of the world. Many divers are amazed at the beautiful, healthy corals still left in the Red Sea.

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