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3 Misconceptions about Scuba Diving

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When people hear of scuba diving, they imagine it being like the scariest gory scenes from Shark. As frightening as it is, this misconception has no link to reality whatsoever. You won’t be diving into a pool of sharks or any other marine predators. The sport is completely safe and only for some thrilling underwater fun. 

Photo of a Person Snorkeling

However, misconceptions and myths about the sport can scare you to the point that you never try it out. Let’s debunk some of the most popular myths; why let anything stand in the way of fun?


As mentioned above, shark attacks should be the least of your concerns. These mammals are feared for being the most ruthless predators in the sea. While that’s a legitimate concern, it doesn’t come close to the risk we pose to their safety. Here are some stats that will make clear:

Humans hunt about 100,000,000 sharks per year. Make sure to count the zeros right because that’s how irrational our fear of sharks is. More sharks are dying at our hands than divers attacked by them. Once you experience what the underwater life feels like, you’ll become the biggest advocate of marine life and stop fearing shark attacks for good.

All Dives Are in the Deep Sea 

While that’s true in some cases, it’s not a generalization for all. Vacationers assume that they must travel to far-off tropical destinations to be able to enjoy this sport. But the white-sand beaches and palm trees that you’re dreaming about have little to do with the glorious underwater world.

You can even experience scuba diving in cold water lakes and kelp forests because you never know how beautiful it looks down there until you dive in. 

Man Snorkeling in Blue Ocean Water

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Are the Same 

If you have 4/6 people in your circle claiming to have tried scuba diving, they’re probably talking about snorkeling. That’s a more common sport and hardly the same as scuba diving. It can be described as a spectator sport because you’re only a few feet under the surface of the water and watching everything from above.

Scuba diving is a much more transformative experience. You’re fully immersed in water without any weights attached to your body. It gives a more fulfilling experience to the diver because you get to experience a whole new world. In the case of scuba diving, the regulators enable divers to breathe more naturally, as compared to the claustrophobic experience of inhaling in a snorkel. The overall experience is more effortless and comfortable and, hence, more enjoyable. 

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