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3 Hobbies Scuba Divers Will Be Interested In

a diver photographing a shark

When you become an expert in scuba diving and become a certified diver, you have the chance to see an additional 70% of the planet. Diving is a hobby that has changed numerous divers’ lives.

As a diver, you may find yourself adopting individual lifestyle choices or picking up new activities. Passionate divers tend to become more attached to the sea. Here are a few hobbies that divers usually pick up after they’ve learned how to dive.

Underwater Photography

Once you become a certified diver, you begin to appreciate the beauty of the aquatic world. You’ll begin by visiting spectacular dive spots and having numerous encounters with aquatic creatures. A lot of divers select underwater photography as a side hobby since it allows them to express their dive experiences.

Instead of buying the most expensive and best camera on the market, start small by using a waterproof phone case and a GoPro. This can help you get started, and you can learn neat tricks before you move onto the real deal. So, the next time you’rescuba diving in Aqaba, take as many pictures as possible of the amazing underwater wrecks.

P.S. Check out our amazing gallery of underwater photography and explore the beautiful wildlife, corals, and wrecks.

Coral Reef Restoration

If you weren’t previously concerned about the ocean and marine wildlife protection, you’re due for a change. Scuba diving alters many people’s perspectives on life under the surface. As a diver, you’ll understand how much the ocean needs our care. That’s why several divers choose to pursue coral reef restoration (CRR) as a hobby.
CRR is the method of restoring self-sustaining coral reefs by ‘gardening’ them. Coral growth and propagation contribute to the sustainability of reef ecosystems.

Rebuilding coral reefs involves giving fish habitat, enjoyment, and coastline protection.

Whether you want to volunteer or take it up as a job is totally up to you. To participate in something like this, you must first ensure that you have the necessary certification. For just $25, you can reduce your environmental impact by diving according to eco-friendly practices.

This is possible by taking the Green Fins Diver e-Course. It gives you a deep dive into coral reef biology, diving plans, and teaches you how to dive without harming the underwater environment.

two scuba divers exploring underwater

Snorkel Trips

Occasionally circumstances arise that prevent you from planning a full dive trip. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sea. Snorkeling is a fantastic hobby since it enables you to swiftly dive into the underwater environment while utilizing simple equipment. When you go snorkeling in Aqaba, you can still have incredible interactions with aquatic life. You can do this anywhere in the water, and it’s a great way to get your dose of “vitamin sea.” If you want to plan an exciting scuba diving excursion in Aqaba, then Deep Blue Dive Center is your go-to place. We’re a scuba diving center in Aqaba that offers daily diving. We also offer various PADI dive courses in varying levels (beginner, advanced, pro.) Reach out to us and become better diver!
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