Excursion & Day Trips

In collaboration with our sister company Aquamarina Tours and Travel , Deep Blue Dive Centre can arrange a wide range of trips for you in Wadi Rum , Petra and The Dead Sea

Wadi Rum

Famously described by T.E. Lawrence as “vast, echoing and Godlike” and often deemed to be one of the most stunning deserts landscapes in the world, Wadi Rum is a nature-lover’s paradise.

Wadi Rum’s beauty can only be described as breathtaking. One of Jordan’s main tourist attractions, the area is spotted with fascinating yellow, white, red and brown sandstone mountains that are cut by wide canyons and unique colorfully decorated geological formations. The landscape is also distinct for its natural delicate arches and bridges, and the mushroom-shaped rock configurations carved and shaped naturally by years of wind and erosion.

Wadi Rum holds fauna and flora both rare and endemic. A greater emphasis has been placed on the Wadi’s fauna after a baseline survey detected the existence of the Ibex, Gray Wolf, Bland ford’s Fox, the rare Red Fox, and the Sand Cat within, poppies and the striking Black Iris, J the area. Rare species of small plants and herbs can be found by the inquisitive traveler. Red anemones, Jordan’s national flower, all grow at will by the roadside and in more quiet reaches. Plants used as herbal medicinal cures by the Bedouins for centuries are found in the mountainous regions.

Below our famous trips we arrange in Wadi Rum


Option One – live like a Bedouin for a day

it’s a genuine and authentic life-changing experience. Our guests will unravel the mysteries of Bedouin life by living closely a full day with a real Bedouin shepherded and his family .

A full Bedouin package , a guided walk with the Bedouin to encounter the welcoming people who believe the desert is simply their home. The guests will live and enjoy the little tiny daily life details of those natives , how they survived in the desert for a long time , how they tend their herds of goats and sheep , the significance of breeding camels , what relationship they have with the land and how they socialize among each other.

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Option Two FOR ADVENTURE LOVERS – Bridging up and Down Jabal Burdah

Once guests have their breakfast , we get into our pick ups and drive into Jabal Burdah Rock Bridge. The trip up and down this mountain will take maximum 5 hours. You will cross the bridge on the way but come down an alternative way. This is an easy climb, a scramble with small difficult part just before and after the bridge. No ropes are needed except for the last part.a way to explore the incredible views of Wadi Rum is climbing up to the Rock Bridge



A two hour drive north of Aqaba takes you to the world renowned rose-red city of Petra which is nominated to be one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Petra is the legacy of the Nabataeans, an industrious Arab people who settled in the south of Jordan more than 2,000 years ago. From a remote staging post, they dominated the trade routes of ancient Arabia, levying tolls and sheltering caravans laden with Indian spices and silks and African ivory and animal hides.

Below our famous trips we arrange in Petra


Option One- Full Day Tour of Petra and little Petra

After spending spectacular two days in Wadi Rum ,at the end of the second day we continue driving through the desert high way to Wadi Musa – Movenpick Hotel – for overnight stay and the third day early in the morning we head to Petra Visitor Centre from where the tour of the red rose city of Petra starts.

Petra is the biggest attraction of Jordan and one of the new seven wonders of the world.It was first established around the 6th century B.C. by the Nabataean Arabs, a nomadic tribe who settled in the area and laid the foundation of a commercial empire that extended into Arabia and Syria. We enter this magical city by walking through the canyon, the so called Siq, to see the most beautiful monument: the Treasury into the fascade street and the theatre. Continue via the Street of Facades to the Royal Tombs and Qasir Al Benit. free time to explore Petra on your own, before walking the same way back to the entrance and then into the restaurant for lunch. After lunch we continue to little Petra which is another impressive Nabatean site located in Al Baida. And from there we start driving back to peaceful Aqaba.

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Option Two OFF THE MAIN TRACK – Um Saihon down along Wadi Al Turkumaniyyah into Al Deir and backwards to the Treasury and the Siq

This option allows you to get into the site from the end side of the site.

Walking down the valley into the Basin and from the Basin the climb up to the Monestry-Ad Deir starts. Climbing up minimum 800 steps and you see the impressive monument.Around the Deir Plateau there are many excellent views of deep gorges and even Wadi Araba’.

Climbing down again and into the basin and uphill again into the Christian part of the city where the three churches are located .

All the way up into the Royal Tombs and down stairs to the Theatre towards the treasury and out of the site through the canyon-Siq- lunch can be surved out side the site in Wadi Musa and then driving into Little Petra


 Option Three OFF THE MAIN TRACK -Al Khubtha Mountain

This option starts also from the Bedouin village Um Saihoun down to the site through Wadi Al Turkumaniyyah down to the basin area and then turning up to the Christian part all the way into the Royal Tombs.

Between the Palace tomb and Sextius Florentinus Tomb there are stairs you can climb up through an ancient doorway to Al Khubtha Mountain. While climbing up you will enjoy tremendous displays of natural colors in the rocks , amazing views for the colonnaded street and a great view of the Theatre, You will also get to the a High Place Altar on Jebal El Kubtha.If you walk further east from the High Place you come to where you can look down on the Treasury. The easiest way down the mountain is the same stairs that you came up

and then into the theatre, Al Khazneh and out of the site through the canyon –Siq- or from up to the stairs going down into the facade street back to the treasury out of the Siq then to Wadi Musa for Lunch and then driving into little Petra.

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Option Four OFF THE MAIN TRACK – Wadi AL Muthlim to the Royal Tombs down into the theatre , treasury and out of the site through the Siq to Wadi Musa –lunch and then driving into little Petra

Discovering the site through this valley offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Petra, and is well worth the effort. It Start by going through the Nabataean Tunnel right before the Siq and ends up at the Royal Tombs.

From the Royal tombs to can get down the stairs into the cardo and the colonnaded street down to the Basin-quick lunch and then catching up with the driver at the Bedouin Village –Um Saihon. Getting up to the Bedouin village would be more fun on a donkey , along Wadi Al Turkumaneyyeh. From Um Saihoun you drive to Little Petra for site visit.

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Dead Sea

A three and a half hour drive north of Aqaba and through the Dead Sea High Way takes you to the lowest and most mineral-rich body of water on earth. The density of the water allows swimmers to float easily on the surface and when done with swimming grab some mud and cover up your body with the richest mud ever.

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