Fun dives and try dives

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The clear crystal waters of the Gulf of Aqaba are full of interesting sites to explore, including shipwrecks and a tank. In addition to another 18 unspoilt dive spots with a rich variety of marine life and above all uncrowded. The coast of Aqaba is not extensive, just 27 KM in all. . Nevertheless Aqaba has easy access to dive sites for both shore and boat diving and suits all ranges of experience and interests. The Gulf of Aqaba is the perfect place for all year round diving in calm warm water with temperatures that vary from 20 ˚c in winter to 27 º c in summer. Visibility is fantastic in all our dive sites.                                  

Our dive locations are chosen on a daily basis depending on weather conditions and diver experience. We will make sure that you have a great time, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time scuba diving or if you are a professional. 


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